At trade shows, the name of the game is traffic - as in getting it to your booth. So anything that can help you stand out from the crowd, to generate buzz, means a better return on your investment. We've got a bunch of products that can help you do just this; below you'll find some examples of what other people have done either in their booth or around the show to help get their message out.

Trade Show Graphics

Building Banners Building Banners
There's nothing like creating your own mammoth billboard to get your name into people's heads. These banners can generate exposure for you even if there are no available promotional opportunites at the show proper - hang it from the building across the street!

Lightpole Banners Lightpole Banners
You can fill the streets with your name using lightpole banners, hammering home your message repeatedly. Or, change it to suit the location or the needs of your campaign. Either way, you're ensuring an unforgettable presence in and around the show.

Tension Fabric Signage Tension Fabric
Tension fabric is continually growing in popularity among exhibitors and exhibit designers because is solves three of the thorniest issues they face - weight, portability, and labor costs. Tension fabric structures are imprinted skins stretched tight over a frame of aluminum tubing which is designed for easy assembly, generally requiring no tools other than a screwdriver. We can use any of our graphics processes to print the skins, allowing for maximum flexibility in your image. We offer a line of stock shapes such as triangles, rectangles, etc. but also can fabricate nearly any shape you can imagine.

Backlit Displays Backlit Panels
One of the most fundamental elements of exhibit booth design is light. The brighter you can be, the better, so what better way to display your logo than by making it a light, literally. Images are normally printed on a transparent film which is then mounted on plexiglass.

Trade Show Backdrops Walkon Backdrop
The walkon makes the perfect backdrop for a 10' trade show booth - it's lightweight, packs in a dufflebag, and goes up in 10 minutes with no tools. Add a table drape and/or a bannerstand and you've got a highly portable, very effective booth. Walkon banners can be produced using most of our graphics processes, but we've found dye sublimation to be the most effective.

Bannerstands Bannerstands
Besides the walkon, we offer a range of smaller displays to fit just about any situation you might encounter. The quiksnap is a single- or double-sided, adjustable stand. The outlook and baby outlook stands hold two single-sided banners with a more stylish appearance. Finally, the windowshade hold a single-sided graphic that retracts into the base, for the quickest setup possible.

Table Drapes Table Drapes
A great finishing touch to an exhibit, imprinted table drapes help give the impression that you've thought of everything. We typically create the graphics for table drapes using dye sublimation, or screenprinting.

Promotional Banners Promotional Banners
Putting your image all around the exhibit hall is easy using custom banners. Another buzz-generating method, planting a few large banners, or a bunch of smaller ones, at various locations helps ensure your proper share of people's attention. Banners such as these can also be used by show planners to mark aisle numbers, or as directional signage.


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