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As in other public spaces, graphics can serve many different functions, such as acting as signage, to announcing new exhibits, to help create an environment, or even as the exhibit itself in the case of large reproductions. We have experience with all of these scenarios; below you'll find examples of our products in use in a museum environment.

Building Banners Building Banners
Exterior banners, mounted to your building, are a great tool to let people know about your latest exhibition. They can help build attendance among those that know you, and create curiosity among those that don't.

Lightpole Banners Lightpole Banners
Increase the range of the message on your building banner by filling the streets with your name using lightpole banners.

Exhibit Graphics Exhibit Graphics
Museum exhibits often need some type of graphics printed, usually with special finishing requirements. We can work with you to come up with the best solution for your situation to ensure that your total presentation generates the impact that you desire.

Promotional Banners Promotional Banners
Promote a special exhibit or event using large banners around common areas or in atriums. Placing a few large banners, or a bunch of smaller ones, at various locations can help draw people to where you want them.

Bannerstands Bannerstands
Bannerstands can be used as directional signage or as part of an exhibit; we offer a range of displays to fit just about any situation you might encounter. The quiksnap is a single- or double-sided, adjustable stand. The outlook and baby outlook stands hold two single-sided banners with a more stylish appearance. Finally, the windowshade hold a single-sided graphic that retracts into the base, for the quickest setup possible.



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