Municipal Signage

Municipal and governmental use of banners often centers around decorating or complementing public outdoor spaces. They can also be used before or during events as promotional devices or as signage. See below for some typical examples.

Lightpole Banners Lightpole Banners
Lightpole programs are a great way to celebrate the seasons or promote special events like free concerts, festivals, etc. They can also be used to differentiate neighborhoods and add color to city streets.

Promotional Banners Promotional Banners
Large outdoor banners can add to lightpole banner promotion, or help to decorate the event itself. Placing a few large banners, or a bunch of smaller ones, at various locations can help draw people to where you want them.

Decorative Banners Decorative Banners
Abstract splashes of shape and color can be an effective way to liven up urban spaces, or create or emphasize different types of environments. Blank banners such as those shown can be suprisingly affordable, and we can work with you to devise the ideal finish for your installation requirements.



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