Decoration for Commercial Space

Banners and other types of graphics can be an excellent complement or finishing touch for building spaces. The soft feel of fabric can provide a nice contrast to harder architectural lines, and can be advantageous for practical reasons as well. We can provide for any type of installation, from simple flat colors to full color masterpieces… see below for some great examples.

Construction Banners Construction Banners
When a building is under construction it can be somewhat of an eyesore. Large banners covering exposed facades can be a great way to beautify the situation, and at the same time generate enthusiasm among the public or potential tenants. Often these banners will feature a rendering of the finished building, or sometimes imitate the facade itself!

Building Signage Building Signage
Banners can act as temporary, semipermanent, or permanent signage for locations where traditional hard signage is impractical or too expensive. Even better, the look or message can be changed periodically to reflect seasonal changes or changes in ownership or identity.

Space Enhancement Space Enhancement
Graphics and/or tension fabric can be used to dynamically enhance or highlight interior spaces. As shown, even the use of simple colored panels can have a significant impact on the feel and experience of a space.

Environmental Graphics Environmental Graphics
More decorative elements can also help define the identity of a space, echoing and enhancing the color scheme or reflecting the character of a retail establishment.

Renovation and Refurbishing Renovation and Refurbishing
Retail environments such as malls tend to periodically undergo significant renovations. One way to refresh a space if a refurb is a few years away is to put in some type of decorative banner program. Even simple colors can define different types of environments, creating suliminal visual cues for shoppers. Adding graphics, of course can further refine things.

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