Tension Fabric Walls

Tension Fabric Structures or TFS walls have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Many of our higher profile clients have realized that the "solid wall" illusion created by TFS allows them to create entire exhibits for a fraction of what it costs to build using traditional materials. TFS offers additional advantages when it comes time for the storage, transport, assembly, and breakdown phases that are inherit in any temporary or seasonal exhibit.

We are also noticing a dramatic increase in TFS walls being used not only as part of a larger exhibit, but also being utilized at smaller events and shows as a standalone backdrop or "wrap" for the exhibit area. Many companies are getting "double the bang for their buck" by using the same wall both as a standalone display and as part of a larger exhibit. Either way their is no doubt that there is no better way to get visual control of your presentation area than by "walling" your client inside your ideas and images.


Custom Shapes With Lighting

Curved Wall



We can build nearly any shape wall you can imagine. Not only that but your design can also change color!

In reality the wall in the above photo is actually white, but it looks purple... and using lighting and color gels it could be nearly any color you want.

This is one of the additional advantages inherit to Tension Fabric Structures. Using different fabric and light combinations a fabric structure can softly glow, allowing you to backlight your image or logo. This is a great way to draw peoples eye or create an overall mood for your display.



In the above example we have combined 8ft high by 20ft long curved wall panel with a custom pedestal.

The curved wall is one of our most popular designs due to it's simple setup and ability to "wrap" an exhibit. It's length can also be reduced so that the wall fits perfectly into a 10ft x 10ft booth space.

Add lighting, a pedestal or even just a table with one of our custom table drapes and you instantly have a great display to help explain your product or idea to potential clients.


flat panel

Another of our most common designs is the flat panel.

These have been used not only as walls, but suspended as part of an overhead display, or setup like a temporary billboard (both indoors and out) to get your message across in nearly any setting.

A popular option is to have a flat panel "pillowcased" so that the fabric covers all sides with the frame zipped into the interior. This allows us to print both sides of the wall so the display gets attention from both the front and back.



Varies based on design


Height: 6ft to 10ft

Length: 10ft to 20ft

Setup time: 15 to 20 minutes


Height: 6ft to 10ft

Length: 10ft to 20ft

Setup time: 15 to 20 minutes


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