Table Drapes

If there is one product that every business should have regardless of how large or small, it is a custom table drape. We call these "marketing 101."

Fact is sooner or later you will wind up showing off your product or idea at a smaller event or venue. Chances are you will get handed a fold out table to use for your setup. If you have a table drape you will turn that table into a small billboard for your organization and deliver an attractive visual display. If you don't... you will look like a front porch yardsale.

Our washable and wrinkle resistant table drapes fold and transport taking up almost no space. There just isn't any excuse not to have one.



Typical Sizes: 4', 6', or 8' long by 24" or 30" deep

Fabrics: Nearly anything is possible but Polypoplin is most common.

Graphics: Graphics can be printed full bleed on all surfaces or can be limited to only the surfaces required (Printing the front face of the drape is the most common.)

Table Throw

Table Cover: (Full)

Table Cover: (FTL)

Table Cover: (FT)

Table Throw



Full Table Cover


FTL: The Front, Top, Lip Table Cover.



FT: The Front & Top Table Cover


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