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Consider this your resource center. In this section you'll find, among other things, all of the downloadable PDF datasheets in one place, frequently asked questions about our products and company, and a glossary of common industry terms. If you're ever confused about anything you see here, don't hesitate to contact us.

Common Problems

The following is a list of issues that are continually surfacing during the pre-flight procedure. The reason these issues are being addressed is because they directly affect the production process and decrease the amount of turnaround time.

  • Fonts: Fonts are either not included or only one part of the font is substituted. All fonts used in the document should be included on disk. We can substitute fonts if the client cannot be sent. The client should specify when the digital document is submitted that it's OK for Trade Show Sensations to substitute with our fonts.


  • Specking: Documents are often not built to scale to the correct size. Using the Document setup, the files should be constructed to either print at the size specified or a percentage thereof.

  • Saving files to disk: Many times a job will be submitted on disk that will have unnecessary files unrelated to the job. This causes confusion and can lead to the wrong file being output. When a job is submitted, only the files needed to print should be on the disk.

  • Imported images: Imported images are sometimes named differently than what is submitted for output. Documents should be updated with correct imported images. If fpo's are used and Trade Show Sensations has to swap out larger files, the client should notify us when the files are submitted.

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